New Features: September 21, 2022
Performance updates ⚙️ and expanded browser access 🌐
We've made a series of updates to SoWork to help improve your experience, including access to more browsers. We still recommend using SoWork in Chrome or the app for the best experience, but you can now access your space from:
  • Safari (version 15 and up)
  • Firefox
  • Edge
  • Brave
In addition to new browser access, we've made the following updates:
  • You can now control the frame rate of SoWork through the Settings menu. Decreasing the frame rate can help extend battery life of your laptop and improve performance by lowering both CPU and GPU usage
  • Turn on "focus mode" for meetings and connections to help extend battery life (and eliminate distractions!)
  • Check your teammate's connection strength when you're in a conversation
New Features: September 15, 2022
Resize video tiles 📺
Resize video tiles quickly and easily from inside a meeting or conversation. The new video controls let you choose from multiple video sizes to either enlarge or shrink your teammates' videos to whatever size you like.
New Features: August 25, 2022
Onboarding / New Users
New focus mode 🔎, new office maps 🗺️ and customized space selection 🏘️
Tune out the world 🙈
Turn off the world and focus entirely on the conversation at hand. With the "shrink world" option, you can hide your background when in a meeting to lower distractions and even help performance when you need to lower your CPU usage.
New office sizes
We've added three new office maps to our map selector so you can pick the one that works best for your team – because no one likes wandering around a big, empty office. 😜
Customized space selection
Now you can select the space that's right for both your use-case and your team size. Our new space selection flow walks you through the process so you'll end up with the perfect space, no matter your needs.
New Features: August 12, 2022
Call in to meetings ☎️ & design updates 🔧
We heard your requests and have streamlined our interface design! 🔧
All your favorite features are still here, we've just moved things around to give you faster, easier access to the tools you use most...such as:
  • 📌 easier access to favorite meeting tools like "raise hand"
  • 🖥️ more screen space for what matters most: seeing your teammates
  • 📫 simplified invitations so you can get people in the space faster
  • 🔊 A/V settings right where you need them so you can troubleshoot and get back to work
Call in to your meetings from a phone
When you can't get to your computer, you can now call in to join a meeting. Whether you're running late, taking a walk, or just avoiding your desk for the day (we won't tell! 😉), you can generate a dial-in number and jump on the phone.
New Features: August 5, 2022
Meeting Rooms 🚪
Meeting rooms are now the fastest way to get your team into the Metaverse.
In just three clicks you can have your own personal space to host meetings. Hosts can customize their space, invite in guests, and return to their room any time they've got a meeting to host.
New Features: July 29, 2022
Member Management
Invitation links for everyone 🔗
It's now even easier to invite teammates and guests into your office space. 🙌
  • Teammates can now be invited via link
    - so no one has to search their spam folder for a missing invitation
  • and
    Guest links have adjustable expiration dates
    for more flexibility
Spend less time managing who's in your office and more time working on things that
matter. 🎉
New Features: July 28, 2022
Create Google Calendar events in SoWork
You can now
schedule all of your meetings right from inside your (virtual) office.
No more leaving the conversation to shuffle through browser tabs to find your calendar 😵‍💫, and no integration required. 😏
The meeting link and room details will also automatically be added into the GCal event. That means you'll never again have to scramble to send out a meeting link 2 minutes before the meeting starts. 🙌
With this release we also fixed an issue affecting the deliverability of meeting recordings to groups where attendees had their videos turned off.
New Features: June 28, 2022
Custom logo placements and character reactions
With the new logo category in Mapmaker, you can add your logo anywhere in the office - from the windows to the walls! Brand a room for a client or a specific team, decorate the whole office, or put your cat's face behind your desk. The possibilities are endless 😉.
Emotes are no longer just for emojis 🌈. Now your avatar can react to any situation! When you throw emojis in the room or during a meeting, everyone will be able to see that you're the one spreading the love.
In addition to these features, we fixed a bug that was incorrectly listing private offices under the "Public" section of the log in screen (though actual access to the offices always functioned as expected).
New Features: June 27, 2022
Art / Assets
Jumping and customer surveys
Want to make your character jump for joy? Now you can!
Press the spacebar and watch as your character jumps up and down
In addition to these features, this release includes:
  • Improved room password functionality
  • Improved interactions with objects
  • Improved functionality around pausing and restarting meeting recordings
New Features: June 16, 2022
New furniture 🛋️ and improvements for anonymous user login
This week, we've released a batch of new furniture for your office, including vintage chairs, contemporary couches, and a selection of tables and work desks. We've even included desks pre-populated with work tools like laptops, printers, and notepads.
In addition to new artwork, we made improvements to the following:
  • browser permissions for microphones and cameras
  • hotkey mapping
  • Mapmaker usage for teammates
  • login for anonymous users
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